“Carol Baggott-Forte has taken the principles of functional voice training, extracted from the original teachers of Bel Canto, and combined them with her profound pedagogical skills. Her extensive experience has taken vocal teaching to a level that is extremely accurate and highly effective.

She is a teacher who, through her ability to hear and analyse sounds, knows at every moment in every lesson how the inner mechanics of the voice are operating. She is able to analyse the functions and spontaneously proceed with the appropriate exercises to improve the condition of the voice.

The principles that she works on, pitch, vowel and intensity, are on the one hand extremely simple but in the application profoundly complex and mastered by few.

When I observe Carol’s teaching I feel that we have gone full circle back to the true meaning of Bel Canto. Truly beautiful singing is not a question of aesthetics, but of correct function, subject to natural laws that are inviolable.

Carol Baggott- Forte is the only teacher of singing that I have observed who is truly deserving of the title ‘maestra’.”
Noelle Turner
Prof. of Voice, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany


“It is very exciting that Carol Baggott-Forte will be teaching a master class for you in Paris! Carol has been teaching voice here at the Shaw Festival for the past eleven seasons, and has done wonders with people’s voices. The singers and actors find Carol tremendously helpful, and her work has definitely had a positive effect on our theatrical productions. As the music director for the Shaw Festival, it is great to have someone like Carol to work with our performers. Having seen the wonderful results she achieves. I recommend Carol to you wholeheartedly.”
Paul Sportelli, Music Director, Shaw Festival
Paul’s growing list of credits at the Shaw Festival include musical director/conductor for Ragtime, Trouble in Tahiti, Maria Severa (co-writer), My Fair Lady, One Touch of Venus, Sunday in the Park with George, Play, Orchestra, Play, Wonderful Town, A Little Night Music, Follies: In Concert, Tristan, Mack and Mabel, High Society, Gypsy, Happy End, Floyd Collins, Pal Joey, On the Twentieth Century, Merrily We Roll Along, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Shadow Play, She Loves Me, and A Foggy Day.  Musical reading series credits include The Golden Apple, Jubilee, Panama Hattie, Hello Again, archy and mehitabel, and Sadie Thompson. Paul has composed music for On the Rocks, Saint Joan, An Inspector Calls, Belle Moral, Arms and The Man, The Crucible, Love Among the Russians, Man and Superman, Three Sisters, The Plough and the Stars, Candida, His Majesty, Chaplin, Picnic, The Millionairess, Lord of the Flies, and The Madras House.


“I have taken numerous singing lessons in Carol Baggott-Forte’s European master classes.  She has been crucial to my vocal development, which has had considerable influence on my own teaching. Through her vast experience with the principles of functional voice training, her intuition and her passion for the process of vocal development, she has evolved a unique mastery of teaching. She has a special ability to assess and determine the needs of a particular voice, often in an incredibly short period of time. Her teaching is enormously effective because she does not judge whether something is ‘right or wrong’ about the singer’s approach, but instead determines what the vocal difficulty signifies about the function of the vocal mechanism. Thus she offers the singer real help without dogma through own her personable dry humour.”
Thomas Maxeiner


“Ms Baggott-Forte combines an understanding of voice mechanics with an intuitive clarity of how to nourish and develop the whole singer. She marries the pupil to her own voice without preconceived ideas as to what that might sound like by focusing on what is a healthy sound rather than an aesthetic ideal. The result of such instruction, is not only finding one’s own true voice, but in gaining the ability to express music freely.”
Patricia O’Callaghan, soprano
Oratorio, opera and cross-over artist, recipient of Ontario and Canada Arts Council Grants, Aldstadt Hersbst Wettbewerb für Junge Kultur in Dusseldorf, current CD, Real Emotional Girl, Teldec/Warner


“Thank you for your very helpful instructions. There is a huge development taking place with my voice after all the new experiences of the master class. Thank you for being such a warm-hearted and friendly teacher and for coming to Frankfurt. I hope very much that you will come again to teach your friends here.”
Wolfgang Michael Weiss, baritone
Bass-Baritone concert artist, Frankfurt, Germany


“Whether you need help in case of vocal problems or just some fine-tuning of an advanced voice, if you want to learn more about functional voice training for yourself or for your own students, Carol Baggott-Forte is always the right one to turn to. In her classes I learnt more about singing in one week than I learnt during years of studying at different German High Schools of Music. She has patience and humour and teaches with heart and brain.”
Stefan Grunwald


“I have worked with several Functional Voice Teachers over the years and Carol Baggott-Forte definitely deserves the honor Cornelius Reid bestowed upon her in appointing her his successor for seminars in Europe. She has helped my voice develop in ways I didn’t think possible, as well as doing some excellent “repair” work when I was recovering (too slowly) from a bad throat infection and facing important performances in the States. I will be grateful to her always! She has a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach, which appeals, but is at the same time very intuitive in her approach and encouraging to the developing singer.”
Diane Severson Mori


“I’m still so thankful to have taken part at your Masterclass in Duisburg. Your competence, your instinct, your teaching experience are of such a quality that it still echos in my ears, in my memories and deep in my heart. I just needed to thank you again in a written form for the depth of your perceptions, for the claritiy and the preciousness of your insight about my voice as well as about my soul. I felt so deeply recognized while attending. Your feedback brought me to interesting and important reflections about my learning how to sing further with more economy and lightness. Something literally moved inside of me and in my throat.”
Paola Tedde


“In the Spring of 2004, Carol Baggott-Forte gave a Belcanto master class seminar here at the Niederrheinische Musik und Kunstschule in Duisburg. With uncanny certainty she was able to quickly ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of each singer’s voice. Through precisely chosen functional exercises she set each individual on a path towards freer singing. Her results in this short time were astounding. I am very pleased to recommend Carol Baggott-Forte for Belcanto seminar master classes.”
Herr Gero Natzel
Direktor der Niederrheineischen Musik-und Kunstschule, Duisburg, Germany


“My vocal work over the past three years with Carol Forte has deepened my understanding of singing processes as both a singer and a choral conductor. I am also gaining an emerging foundation of theory and practice that I am able to apply to my music teacher training programs at OISE. Ms. Forte’s pedagogical and artistic strengths lie in her ability to respond to individual vocal needs and strengths. Her private lessons and workshops benefit singing educators as well as vocal artists at all levels of ability.”
Dr. Lee Willingham, M. Mus, Ed. D.
Conductor. Bell’ Arte Singers. Associate Professor, Faculty of Music Wilfrid Laurier University


“I enjoyed your teaching and your precise way of explaining things. Your functional hearing is excellent which is of fundamental importance in this game. We voice teachers and singers were impressed and we thank you very much for coming to keep up the great work which Cornelius achieved here during the last ten years or so. We sincerely hope to see you in a year’s time.”
Lionel Fawcett
Singer, conductor, professor of voice, Municipal Music School Mannheim, Germany