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Since 1976, Carol Forte has taught many of Canada’s prominent singers of opera, classical music, music theatre and popular recording artists, offering special attention to vocal health and in-depth psychology of the artist. WHEN SINGING HURTS is a blog for teachers and singers who may offer comments and post questions with Ms. Baggott-Forte. This project will discuss a variety of vocal difficulties and their remedies. It will also explore the emotional temperament of the artist, how it affects performance and what a big role “politics” play in the profession.

It is a blog intended to help artists see themselves, help themselves and redeem difficult experiences with others encountered over the course of a singing career.

If you are a singer working in or towards a professional career in the above-mentioned vocal disciplines, you may help with this project by bringing forward your own particular vocal or personal problems within the business of singing.

Here are some examples of information that Ms. Baggott-Forte will address on the blog:

  • TECHNICAL VOCAL PROBLEMS: loss of range, power, flexibility or inability to sing fully or quietly, vocal changes due to age or hormonal shifts.
  • MEDICAL PROBLEMS: nodules, polyps, edema, allergies, acid-reflux.
  • EDUCATIONAL: teachers and coaches who misguide singers, staying with a teacher out of loyalty when one should have moved on.
  • POLITICAL: not being able to be honest with teachers, managers, directors, recording engineers, when they make false demands on the voice for fear of losing a job or being black-balled; do sexual politics interfere with your engagements?
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL: how singers handle the results of any of the above criteria; when singing is not a positive experience; insomnia, poor memory, neurosis, stage fright, etc…

Singers may of course request to post anonymously (no credit) or partial anonymity. Since this blog is also intended as a guide for young aspiring artists, it would be helpful if some of those making biographical statements were of high profile and willing to be quoted.

Thank you for reading this web site. Please pass this information on to other professional singers or students you may know.

Carol Forte

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September 21, 2012

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